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Washed Anaerobic Process


REGION San Rafael de San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica

FARMER/GROWER Carlos Fernández Morera, Finca El Cerro, Parcela El Diamante

PROCESSING Fully washed after pulping and fermenting in a sealed tank. Dried in the sun on a patio and then on raised beds.

ALTITUDE: 1100-1300m

VARIETY: Caturra


An experimental anaerobic washed coffee from San Rafael de San Ramón, Costa Rica, produced by Carlos Morera on his farm Finca El Cerro.

The flavor profile is complex and unique, with distinct notes of cinnamon and gingerbread accompanied by caramel, hibiscus, and pear.

Carlos Fernández Morera’s coffee contains undeniable notes of gingerbread and cinnamon toast. These top notes are accented by a sugary sweetness and a clean fruitiness.

Carlos Fernández Morera is an experienced farmer. This is his 64th season growing coffee in San Rafael de San Ramón, where his family has lived since 1895. His deep connection to his trees and the soil he works is evident in the way he talks. “Coffee is a very grateful crop,” he says. “If you dedicate a little love, it responds very well… The earth is a living element, we must take care of it, pamper it, so that it transmits to the coffee plant all its force.” Morera’s plot of earth is called Finca El Cerro. Many of his 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren help on the estate, his eldest works directly with administration, his youngest works for the export brand, Café de Altura, and his oldest grandson is an agronomist.

The plot of the farm where this award-winning lot originates is called Diamante (“the Diamond”). It contains Caturra and Catuaí cultivars. After pulping, the coffee undergoes a sealed-tank anaerobic fermentation process. A selection of mucilage and a little water are added to the mix, and the slurry is closely monitored for pH, temperature, brix, and a host of other variables. Under a watchful eye, the high degree of environmental control this allows contributes immeasurably to the coffee’s flavor. Thereafter the lot is dried for 3 days on a patio before moving to raised beds for another eighteen days of drying.


Brewing Recommendations (Hand Pour):

Dose (g) 18
Brew Temp (F) 205
Preinfusion (g) 50
Preinfusion (s) 40
Pulse pour dose 200
H2O dose 300
Ratio (Coffee:H2O) 1:16.6
Total Brew Time 3:38



Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees are limited run, whole bean only special selections. Packed in compostable zipper bags with one way valve, and artwork on each label, Hephaestus Series are the delicious coffee of the gods!

Q:  "Why should I buy these coffees?  They seem expensive."

A:  Coffee prices for single origin specialty level coffees are set by their quality, rarity, and demand.  This coffee is not the typical coffee you would buy in a grocery store, or even order daily at your local shop.  Much like fine wines and their spectacular vineyards, the greatest quality coffee from the greatest farms tend to be in extremely high demand and produced in very small amounts. Single origin coffees are pure terroir. The taste of a coffee is dictated by its growing conditions, soil, environment and processing.  Single origin coffees can be very different from an expected notion of what coffee is.  It can display fruit flavors, pointed brightness, deep sugars, chocolates and grain tones.  Single origins suit the coffee drinker who is adventurous, loves discovering different flavors, and tends to drink their coffee black, without cream and sugar.  

Q: "Why Whole Bean Only?"

A: Whole bean coffee will maintain freshness and quality for longer than ground coffee.  Oxidation is the enemy of the flavor of coffee.  Whole bean coffee simply presents less surface area to the open air over time, providing for a longer window of freshness and optimal drinkability.  We recommend only grinding what you need to prepare your drink at each sitting. 


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