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painting of two men working metal over a hot red molten forge. One wields the bellows, while the other wields the tongs. Text overlayed reads "Kenya Nyeri Kamoini Triple Washed Process. Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees"
Forge Coffee

Kenya Kamoini Triple Washed (Hephaestus Series)



TASTES OF: Grapefruit, lime, raisin, black tea, with chocolate finish.


WASHING STATIONKamoini Factory, Othaya Cooperative.

FARMER/GROWER: 600 small holders in the Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative
PROCESSING: Triple Washed Process, pre-fermentation float, post fermentation soak


VARIETY: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34


This coffee is from the Kamoini village and washing station of the same name The coffee is a clear stand out, due to meticulous sorting and precision processing: triple washing involves a whole cherry flotation prior to pulping. After the main fermentation stage is completed, a final overnight soak in clean water is applied. These steps help to ensure the inclusion of exclusively ripe, high density coffee and even, consistent fermentation.

Kamoini factory is one of about 20 cooperative-run washing stations under the Othaya cooperative umbrella in Nyeri county, using the Ichamama river as its water source. Established in 1987, around 600 active members in the region contribute their ripe cherry to Kamoini, which is processed on site. The triple washing process involves a pre-fermentation float to sort out floaters and a post-fermentation soak that cleans the coffee and improves the consistency.

Kamoini’s location in Nyeri is situated ideally for coffee cultivation. The Aberdares Mountains in central Kenya, just west of the mountain that bears the country’s name. The forested mountain range is fertile soil for coffee, and the coffees from western Nyeri county benefit from its particular ecosystem.

Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees are limited run, whole bean only special selections. Packed in high barrier zipper bags with one way valve, and artwork on each label, Hephaestus Series are the delicious coffee of the gods!

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