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Image of two male blacksmiths forming metal over a forge. Text overlay reads "KENYA NYERI MAHIGA, DOUBLE FERMENTED"
Forge Coffee

Kenya Mahiga AA Double Fermented, Double Washed



TASTES OF: Delightfully creamy and packs a seriously fruity punch. Juicy peach, and brown sugar. Plenty of citric acidity like a syrupy mandarin orange, balanced out by dark chocolate.


REGION: Mumwe, Nyeri

FARM: Community small holders

FARMER/GROWER: 400 producers organized around the Mahiga Factory 

VARIETIES: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian

PROCESSING: Double Fermented: Pulped, Fermented underwater for 12 hours, Washed to minimize mucilage, Fermented underwater for 12-36 hours, Soaked in fresh water for 16hrs, Cleaned and sorted in grading channels, Dried on Raised beds for 14 days

ALTITUDE: 1700-1890 masl




The 400 contributing farmer cooperative members (relatively small for a local cooperative in Nyeri) are organized under the station manager, Daniel Kingori. 

Mahiga has undertaken an especially unique and complex processing model. Here are the details: after pulping, the coffee is fermented underwater for 12 hours. It’s then washed to minimize mucilage and fermented underwater again for 12-36 hours. After this second fermentation, the tank is drained, filled with fresh water and soaked for an additional 16 hours. Lastly, the coffee is cleaned and sorted in grading channels and taken to drying beds for two weeks before delivery to Othaya’s dry mill. 


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