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COLOMBIA FINCA LUISA Juan Pablo Carbonic Macerated Natural Caturra


Colombia Finca Luisa Juan Pablo

Carbonic Macerated Natural Caturra

COUNTRY: Colombia

REGION: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia

FARM: La Luisa

FARMER/GROWER: Juan Pablo y Familia Velez

VARIETIES: Yellow and Red Caturra

PROCESSING: Experimental Carbonic Macerated Natural

ALTITUDE: 1800 m.a.s.l.

CUPPING NOTES: Pomegranate and tropical fruits in the fragrance and aroma. Sweet flavors of black cherry, pineapple and mixed tropical fruits. Aftertaste reminiscent of a raspberry pie or pastry. Tart raspberry-like acidity. Juicy medium body.


Finca La Luisa is located in the small town of Bolívar in the Southwest corner of Antioquia. Juan Pablo is one of the very few coffee growers in the area that is experimenting with carbonic maceration! Carbonic maceration is a type of anaerobic fermentation. “Anaerobic” simply means no oxygen is in contact with the coffee as it ferments. Carbonic macerated coffee is usually fermented in a stainless steel tank and carbon dioxide is actually pumped into the tank so there is some pressure inside the tank. The technique is being influenced by oenologists who have great expertise in fermentation. The idea is to promote fermentation at a cellular level inside of the fruit. Less alcohols are usually produced, which enables a producer to extend fermentation times without getting a "boozy" flavor.

In this batch, Don Juan adds freshly picked red and yellow caturra cherries to a stainless steel

fermentation tank. Oxygen is pumped out with CO2 and the cherry is allowed to ferment for 168 hours! After the carbonic maceration is deemed complete, the cherries are removed and dried on raised beds as a natural for 20 more days.


Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees are limited run, whole bean only special selections. Packed in compostable zipper bags with one way valve, and artwork on each label, Hephaestus Series are the delicious coffee of the gods!


Q:  "Why should I buy these coffees?  They seem expensive."

A:  Coffee prices for single origin specialty level coffees are set by their quality, rarity, and demand.  This coffee is not the typical coffee you would buy in a grocery store, or even order daily at your local shop.  Much like fine wines and their spectacular vineyards, the greatest quality coffee from the greatest farms tend to be in extremely high demand and produced in very small amounts. Single origin coffees are pure terroir. The taste of a coffee is dictated by its growing conditions, soil, environment and processing.  Single origin coffees can be very different from an expected notion of what coffee is.  It can display fruit flavors, pointed brightness, deep sugars, chocolates and grain tones.  Single origins suit the coffee drinker who is adventurous, loves discovering different flavors, and tends to drink their coffee black, without cream and sugar.  

Q: "Why Whole Bean Only?"

A: Whole bean coffee will maintain freshness and quality for longer than ground coffee.  Oxidation is the enemy of the flavor of coffee.  Whole bean coffee simply presents less surface area to the open air over time, providing for a longer window of freshness and optimal drinkability.  We recommend only grinding what you need to prepare your drink at each sitting. 


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