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HOLIDAY Gift Box Hephaestus RARE Exclusives 2021 •GESHA, and ANAEROBIC



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$5.00 Flat shipping per box.

If you want to go the extra mile for someone special, and would like to give your friend or loved one a special unboxing experience with their gift of Forge Coffee, you must consider the Forge Gift Box.

These Hephaestus rare exclusives are for those who are really into their coffee.  These coffees represent the top end, the exemplary.  They are small lot, rare coffees that were grown and produced with great care from seed to cup.

This Gift Box contains:

  • Two exclusive and special Hephaestus single origin seasonal 12 oz. bags of whole bean coffee


  • Two exclusive and special Hephaestus single origin seasonal 6 oz. bags of whole bean coffee


These two rare and exclusive coffees ship in our signature "set your mind in motion" character mailer box, printed with exclusive original art by Jon Ventura, a local Los Angeles artist who we collaborated with for this project.

This option includes your choice of two 12 oz. or two 6 oz. bags of exclusive and special holiday single origin coffees.

  • Colombia Casablanca Washed Gesha
  • Costa Rica San Rafael Carlos Fernandes Morera Anaerobic process

Costa Rica San Rafael Carlos Fernández Morera Anaerobic is an experimental anaerobic washed coffee from San Rafael de San Ramón, Costa Rica, produced by Carlos Morera on his farm Finca El Cerro.

The flavor profile is complex and unique, with distinct notes of cinnamon and gingerbread accompanied by caramel, hibiscus, and pear.


Colombia Casablanca washed Gesha is a Gesha varietal, a rare super-flavorful subspecies of Arabica coffee.  This coffee was produced by Liliana Caballero Rojas at Hacienda Casablanca Farm in the Santander Department of Colombia.  

Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Lilac, Lemon-Lime, White Peach, and Fresh Fruit Juice.  


Coffees bags are wrapped in printed compostable tissue printed with vegetable based inks, cinched with brown and white hemp bakers twine, and sealed with a logo sticker.  Also included is a limited edition sticker sheet with peel-able characters, logo sticker, and our caffeinated slogan, "set your mind in motion".  


Q:  "Why should I buy these coffees?  They seem expensive."

A:  Coffee prices for single origin specialty level coffees are set by their quality, rarity, and demand.  The coffees in this gift pack are not typical coffees like what you would buy in a grocery store or even order daily at your local shop.  Much like wine and their spectacular vineyards, the greatest quality coffee from the greatest farms tend to be in extremely high demand and produced in very small amounts. Single origin coffees are pure terroir, much like wine.  The taste of a coffee is dictated by its growing conditions, soil, environment and processing.  Single origin coffees can be very different from an expected notion of what coffee is.  It can display fruit flavors, pointed brightness, deep sugars, chocolates and grain tones.  Single origins suit the coffee drinker who is adventurous, loves discovering different flavors, and tends to drink their coffee black, without cream and sugar.  

Q: "Why Whole Bean Only?"

A: Whole bean coffee will maintain freshness and quality for longer than ground coffee.  Oxidation is the enemy of the flavor of coffee.  Whole bean coffee simply presents less surface area to the open air over time, providing for a longer window of freshness and optimal drinkablility.  We recommend only grinding what you need to prepare your drink at each sitting.  We ship our gift boxes whole bean only to ensure that the person you gift it to will receive the best product possible.



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