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image of a coffee label. text reads "JAVA KONANG SPRINGS ANAEROBIC NATURAL" overlayed over a green background with a diagonal blue slash.
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JAVA Konang Springs Argopuro Anaerobic Natural Process



Tastes of clove, bourbon, cedar, spices, red currant

Argopuro region,  East java. Natural process with 7 day anaerobic fermentation, dried on raised beds. Pokmas Walida Cooperative, Farmed by Pak Muhlisin.

Java has been growing coffee from the start.  The region has become so synonymous with coffee, that we might call coffee in general "Java" as a form of shorthand.  Most coffee from the region is "wet hulled" at a higher than normal moisture level, which results in herbaceous, mossy, dark chocolate, full bodied musty tones (think your classic sumatra coffee). 

The processing and flavor profile of Java Konang Springs Anaerobic Natural is vastly different, resulting in an intense, clean, clear, and deep flavor.  Buckle up and get ready, because this coffee will make you take notice.

This coffee comes from a Java coffee project with Belift and Sustainable Harvest, and has been in the making for at least three years. Belift has sourced new areas in East Java, and worked with farmers there to enact specialty and experimental processing practices.  We cupped the different lots produced from this project over Zoom with the leaders and producers of the project, Ivan Hartanto, Kenny Soewondo, logistics and operations,  and Kevin Soewondo, a Q grader, the importer, and the co-op participants. They are calling it “Awakened Indonesia coffee”, and are working to bring a new excitement and process to coffee from Indonesia.  These lots are very small, usually 1 hectare per farmer on average.  It's really special stuff, and we were lucky to be able to participate in the first year that Sustainable Harvest has worked with and offered Java coffees.

It has been a journey to just learn how to roast this coffee, as it's moisture and density level call for a much different approach than traditional washed coffees.

The smell of the roasted coffee beans is intoxicating.  We keep thinking "eggnog", or a heady floral smell, like really pungent flowers.  We are blown away by the taste, the juggernaut of a body coupled with the unique sweetness, clove,
and aromatic wood.  It's definitely a standout. 

Here is a little bit about the processing of the green coffee.  The anaerobic fermentation can be difficult, tricky, and meet with failure much of the time, but this one was done beautifully.

Konang Springs Anaerobic Natural Argopuro region East Java Processing Method:

1. Red cherries are picked, sorted by flotation, then cleaned/washed.

2. Cherries are fermented in sealed drums at a constant temperature for 7 days.

3. Cherries are dried on raised beds for 15-16 days.

4. Cherries are dried on patios for another 8-10 days to reach ideal moisture content.

5.  The dried coffee is stored in its natural state in dried cherry pods.

6. Coffee is dry hulled before shipment, and hand sorted by locals, packaged and shipped.

 You may notice some lighter beans in this coffee, they are a result of some beans consuming more sugars during fermentation.  


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