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Heavy Body, Candied Yam, Caramel, Dark Chocolate.


Don Braulio Garcia, Braulio Ramirez Pereda Farm and Micro-Mill 


Reforma, Yoloxocchitlan, Oaxaca 

Varieties:  Typica and bourbon

Processing: Washed, Triple Fermented

Drying: Patios


Don Braulio Garcia, an eminence in the region, tireless leader for his family and neighbors at the age of 75. His house is connected to a micromill he’s built with love over decades. This is where he processes coffee from his farm and that of other producers he trusts.

This is lot comes from a special place for Don Braulio, his birthplace of La Reforma, San Mateo Yoloxochitlan in the state of Oaxaca where 100% of its population is indigenous and the total number of inhabitants is 685. The climate is semi-warm and humid with rainfall all year round, the range of precipitation is 2000-3000 mm. Average temperatures of 25 °C. Don Braulio speaks the native Mazatec language and producers of the region trust him for his ability to properly process their coffees.

This coffee was grown under diversified shade with strict respect for the environment. The Typica and Bourbon cherries are selected at their optimal point of ripeness, first fermented in cherry for 48 hours under shade at a constant temperature, then pulped and fermented for another 48 hours. Washing and drying is done the way it's been done for decades, giving each batch a unique profile.

As a producer, Don Braulio has remained at the forefront of the industry. Adapting to market trends, where he has demonstrated his expertise and versatility of action. The new wave of specialty coffees brought a renewal of ideas and methods which he’s adopted while simultaneously remaining true to himself and his convictions of good practice.

This lot of coffee is the result of these changes. Its production meets the current quality standards, without losing the essence of the traditional, well-made artisanal coffee with touches of modernity.

Don Braulio is a true artisan, understanding his craft from the agricultural sphere to the intricate effects of processing on the final cup.

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