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Rumble Jar Cold Brew Kit



Cold Brew Made Easy.

The Rumble Jar is a new and easy way to make cold brew coffee at home.  Say goodbye to buying expensive cold brew at the café.

Goes great with our special cold brew blend, STAY FROSTY. (3 oz. bag included, enough for two batches)

The Rumble Jar filter allows you to make about one quart of mess free cold brew coffee at a time.

 At Forge, we really like this new tool for a number of reasons.

1. Zero Waste: The laser etched stainless steel metal filter is re-usable. 

2. Ease of use: Clever Notches etched onto the filter indicate how much coffee to use for your desired strength of cold brew. Pour your grounds into the filter, put on the rubber cap, place in the jar, add water, screw on the lid, and rrrrumble.  Be patient for several hours and like magic delicious cold brew appears in the jar!

3. Ease of cleanup: Dump your grounds into the compost bin and rinse, or run through your dishwasher.

4. Unattended coffee-making! Once you put your Rumble Jar, coffee, and water together, just let it sit for 8-12 hours. Physics makes your coffee for you!


The Rumble Jar comes with:

  • Rumble Jar Laser Etched, Stainless Steel Filter
  • Silicone Rubber tabbed cap
  • 32 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
  • Cotton drawstring tote that can be used for second stage fines removal
  • instruction card
  • Retail Box
  • 3 oz. of perfectly Coarse Ground Stay Frosty Cold Brew Blend (Enough for two batches of "normal strength" cold brew)

*** $5.00 Flat Shipping Charge on Rumble Jars due to fragile contents***

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