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Painting of an old gray bearded blacksmith in an apron, holding a hammer, standing in front of a forge.  There is an anvil on a wood stump with tools on it in front of him.  Text overlayed reads: "BOLIVIA YULISSA CHAMBI NATURAL"
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Bolivia San Lorenzo Yulissa Chambi Raised Bed Natural (Hephaestus Series)


Bolivia San Lorenzo Yulissa Chambi Raised Bed Natural



Milk chocolate, strawberry, peach, green apple, plum, raspberry

COUNTRY: Bolivia
REGION: San Lorenzo, Caranavi Province, La Paz Dept, Bolivia
FARMER/GROWER: Yulissa Chambi
VARIETIES: Red Catuai, arabica typica
PROCESSING: Natural process on raised beds


This natural coffee, which includes a brief cherry maceration in a sealed tank, is intensely sweet with impeccably clean fruit flavor, balanced, with a full mouthfeel.

 Coffee has been in Bolivia for hundreds of years, but now a new generation of coffee farmers dedicated to producing high-quality coffee are taking the stage in Bolivia. For the first time in the country’s history, green coffee production has funding and support from the federal government, fueling the search for knowledge among dedicated young coffee professionals.  

The epicenter in the rise of Bolivian specialty coffee is in the los Yungas region, where most farms were first established after a wave of migration to the region caused by Bolivia’s Agrarian Revolution in the 1950s. And nearly a century later this lot emerges from a single 10-acre farm belonging to Yulissa Chambi and her family. Yulissa is just 22 years old and working on her university degree but also comes with a family that has been growing coffee in the Yungas region of Bolivia for over 60 years. Yulissa carefully harvests the cherry, depulps, ferments the coffee in sealed tanks, washes, and dries the coffee on patios and raised beds.  

Since Bolivia is a landlocked coffee producing country, farmers need help getting their coffee to the international market. Felix Chambi Garcia through his leadership role at the San Juan cooperative has become an important figure, helping producers with the logistics of moving coffee to the dry-mill where quality and traceability are protected during the preparation for export. 

Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees are limited run, whole bean only special selections. Packed in high barrier zipper bags with one way valve, and artwork on each label, Hephaestus Series are the delicious coffee of the gods!

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