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Painting of an anvil mounted on a tree stump in a blacksmith forge.  A hammer rests against the stump.  Text overlayed reads: COLOMBIA
Quindío Campo Hermoso
Edwin Noreña Bourbon Red Fruits
Forge Coffee

Colombia Quindîo Campo Hermoso Edwin Noreña Bourbon Red Fruits Co-Ferment (Hephaestus Series)

Colombia Santuario Project Quindio Campo Hermoso Edwin Noreña Bourbon, Red Fruits

Intense fragrance and aroma of strawberry, cherry and pear. Flavor notes of dark chocolate, strawberry and other red fruits with a clean and unique aftertaste of pomegranate and cherry. Bright green apple acidity and a medium body with silky mouthfeel. 

    “Mossto” is the Spanish word to traditionally describe the liquid, or “grape must”, that is released from fruit during the early stages of fermentation. In coffee, this liquid comes from previously fermenting clean and rinsed coffee cherries. The liquid carries indigenous strains of microorganisms that are critical to the fermentation process. 

    The “red fruits” co-fermentation by Edwin Noreña is achieved by an initial carbonic macerated fermentation with 40% coffee mossto and 60% strawberry mossto. This infusion of strawberry must is allowed to ferment with the coffee for 48 hours. After this initial carbonic maceration fermentation, the coffee cherries are depulped and put back into the vessels for a second carbonic maceration fermentation with only the coffee mossto for 24 hours. 

    After the multi-step fermentation is complete, the pulped coffee is allowed to dry in mucilage for 18 to 20 days as a honey-process. 

    Finca Campo Hermoso has been in Edwin’s family for over 30 years. After his father passed away, Edwin began developing the farm for unique specialty coffees. Edwin has become a prominent innovator for Colombian specialty coffees. He is a Q Grader, Q Processor, and Cup of Excellence judge in addition to overseeing the farm and processing operation.

    Edwin, along with Camilo Merizalde with the Santuario Project, Campo Hermoso has become an R&D center to explore and experiment with various coffee fermentation methods. This knowledge is being applied at other Santuario Project sites in Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil. 

      Hephaestus Series Exquisite Coffees are limited run, whole bean only special selections. Packed in high barrier zipper bags with one way valve, and artwork on each label, Hephaestus Series are the delicious coffee of the gods!

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